0-5 Years

Make Some Noise believes music making can never start too early.
From birth, children can relate to rhythm, tone and pulse, responding to music with keen attention and movement. Not only is music great fun for children, but it also helps develop motor skills, speech, note pitching, rhythm, counting, turn taking, and listening skills. Music can help parent and child bonding too.
Make Some Noise's Early Years music programmes train child care workers, parents and musicians to feel confident in leading music activities with children. Experienced music leaders offer fun music sessions in a nursery setting over a few weeks, combined with training workshops for childcare staff and parents. Staff or carers can then start to lead the music, with observation and support. Activities include songs, clapping games, free expression with instruments, and movement to music. Instrument packs are supplied.
Working with highly experienced and renowned early years musicians, Make Some Noise delivers high quality music programmes in childcare settings across Staffordshire and Stoke-on-Trent. Partners include Children's Centres, Staffordshire County Council Early Years Childcare Unit, Stoke Early Years Development Childcare Partnership, City Music and Performing Arts Service and Staffordshire Community and Learning Partnership.
"We are very keen to continue working with Make Some Noise musicians, to help make sure that Early Years workers are trained to continue music- making regularly."
Dawn Forester, Community Learning Partnership Co-ordinator.
"The knowledge, understanding and confidence in music delivery that staff have gained since the Making Music In Nurseries project has been of great benefit to the children."
Nursery Manager.
"Lots of very useful ideas to encourage musical skills and help children develop socially. Quieter children became involved and gained confidence."
Ready Settings Go Nursery.
We would like to hear from childcare workers, and musicians. If you want to help Make Some Noise make a difference for the children you work with then call us on 01785 278 454 or email on info@make-some-noise.com.

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