11-15 Years

Make Some Noise works with young people to discover exciting new musical worlds.

Music inspires young people, and many relate to the world through their music. Often young people excluded from school, on the edge of crime, or separated from their families need new and creative activities to get them learning and working with others.
Music making can also be a great way for young people experiencing mental health issues to express themselves and get involved in something positive and rewarding. We believe young people should not be restricted by the limits of the music they know and like so far by introducing musical composition of other cultures, or classical forms like opera.

Working with Children in Care teams, Pupil Referral Units, Youth Offending Institutions, Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services, Make Some Noise runs creative music workshops led by skilled music leaders.
Our SoundProof project for example, provides a great opportunity for young people to express themselves through lyrics, produce their own beats using professional software, and compose an entire pop, rap or dance track from scratch. As they get to grips with music technology they learn transferable IT skills, as well as creating new music, gaining a boost in self-esteem, and learning to enjoy learning.

The young people often work towards the Arts Award, GCSE or BTEC which gives them an accreditation for their music achievements, a real step forward in getting back to school, or on to college or work.

"This project has really helped me compose music, and with my singing. It helps boost your confidence in all elements of music." "I got involved because I wanted to widen my range of singing, instead of just staying with pop music." participant.
"SoundProof at CEDARS pupil referral centres was well targeted and very successful. The leaders worked well with some very vulnerable children, emotionally, behaviourally and socially disaffected."
Mike Fenton, Head of CEDARS PRU.

"Working with young people in difficult circumstances is not always easy, but the effect these projects have on their lives is immeasurable. On the first day of one project, some of the youngsters were crying, others indifferent; by the end of the week, they skipped and laughed on their way out: these projects transform lives."
Clare Fernyhough, musicleader.

We would like to hear from Pupil Referral Units, Primary & Secondary Schools with Pupil Premium, Youth Offending Teams, NACRO, Police & Crime Prevention schemes, Children and Mental Health units, children in care teams interested in working with young people in challenging situations.

If you want to help Make Some Noise make a difference for the young people you work with then call us on 01785 278 454 or email on info@make-some-noise.com

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